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All rides need to be sent to the Head Road Captain 14 Days prior to the event:
Include the following: Route (Google maps is pretty easy to use) or you can send written route.. i.e. 31W to 65 south to exit 122, so to speak and we will work with you on this. Include location, depart time and eta of return. These are the basic items needed for the ride.
Once we have the info from you, the ride should be able to be added to our ride calendar.
Rides received less then 14 days in advance will be sent out as “other events” and will be sent out to our membership.
If you are willing to pursue a Road Captain Role then the steps are as follows:

1. Attend formal training class provided by ALR RC trainer.
2. Plan a route and send to Head Road Captain, Director and Asst. Road Captain:
3. Conduct a Pre Ride Brief (live fire)
4. Lead a ride or portion of a ride
5. Sweep a ride or portion of a ride
6. One of the current road captains will ride with you during your events and offer feedback.

Current R/C
Steve Brown
Bob Fulkerson
Bob Castle
Trish Richmond
Rich Gano
Tom Folsom
Bobbie Folsom
Larry Johnson

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